Eating Druze: Seasonal Cooking Is A Virtue In Galilee, The Tuscany Of Israel

During a visit to Israel late last year, travel writer Jenny Miller got to taste the food of Druze Israelis living in the village of Maghar in the Galilee region, a rich land of green, rolling hill…



Tastes From the Kosher Druze Kitchen

A new program in the Galilee lets visitors sample authentic Druze food and take cooking classes — all in a kosher kitchen. Try a Druze recipe for freekeh pilaf.



Foraged wild greens and fatayer turnovers recipe

In the Galilee's Arab, Jewish, and Druze communities, life has a rural rhythm, slower than in big towns. You  can tell that people like to stop and sniff the r



Spicing up Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts

Tapping into Israel's growing foodie culture, a tour operator is bringing Israelis and tourists into Arab homes in northern Israel to teach them about the distinctive Galilean cuisine.




Druze Experience with GalilEat

Meet Paul Nirens, .He has lived in the rural Galilee region for almost 30 years. In that time Paul has cultivated relationships with many people living in the area. ...



Dining in the Galilee in Israel -- Food & Travel

What to know more about the culinary scene in Israel? Check out our interview with Paul Nirens, the founder of Galileat food tours.




Galileat: Culinary Adventures In Israel

Galileat will show you Israel through the eyes, and palate, of a local. The Arab cooking workshops allow the participant a hands-on, true to life cultural im...



FOOD PORN: Israel Part 1

SUBSCRIBE FOR ADVENTURE Siya's Channel In this episode of Food Porn Israel, Siya travels around Israel with ...



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