Cooking Workshops and Home Hospitality Programs

If you are travelling in Israel and looking for something off the beaten track, then you will love Galileat home hospitality programs. We have Druze, Muslim , Christian and Bedouin hosts, all of whom exemplify the middle-eastern custom of hachnasat orchim ; warmly welcoming you into their homes. Over coffee and tea they will explain about their family, village, faith and customs in an informal atmosphere. Our programs include:   

  • Galilean cooking workshops
  • Home hospitality and full meal
  • Home hospitality and light dairy meal
  • Home hospitality with coffee and tea

Whatever program suits your interest, time and budget, we will show you a different yet authentic side of Israel that is at once meaningful and enjoyable.
The program is suitable for all age groups, because at any age it’s fun to really see how people live.


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