Culinary Adventures

Galilean Cooking Workshop

We have Druze, Moslem and Christian hosts, all of whom exemplify the middle-eastern custom of hachnasat orchim; warmly welcoming guests into their homes. This program includes approximately 2 hours of hands-on preparation of traditional dishes, in your host’s kitchen, followed by the feast that you have prepared. It’s a great way to learn to make local fare and experience a slice of Galilean village life.

Full Day Culinary and Culture Tour

We will take you to places in the Galilee that only a local would know. A Galileat Culinary Tour can include boutique wineries, goat and sheep cheese dairies, an olive press, coffee roaster, a visit to the local market, together with a Galilean home hospitality meal or cooking workshop. In the Galilee, the traditional and the modern co-exist side by side. We want you to see that for yourselves.

Quickie Workshop

If you don’t have time to experience the full range of flavours and aromas that we offer, but still want a taste of Galilean village life, we can adjust the length of our programs to suit your needs. A quickie Arab or Druze cooking workshop is the answer. You arrive to our host’s house and prepare one or two dishes. When they are ready, you eat what you’ve prepared, along with a selection of dishes that your host cooked especially for you. A mini cooking workshop and lunch all in one. Alternately you can learn to make the famous knaffeh dessert or mix Baharat, the all-important middle eastern spice blend.

A Real Meal

 If you’re travelling in Israel and crave for a home cooked meal, we have just the suggestion. We can arrange a full meal of traditional Galilean fare, cooked lovingly by of one of our hosts. You will be treated to a home-cooked meal, just that it doesn’t resemble what you cook at home.

Wild Green Foraging

 In the winter and spring, Galileat offers the opportunity to go into the fields with your host, where she will explain which greens are edible and\or medicinal, how to identify the different plants, what parts are eaten and how they are picked. 

After picking just enough for our own needs, we will go back to our host’s home, where we will learn how to clean, prepare and cook the wild greens we have foraged from the field. Finishing the preparation, we sit at the table and consume a real, earth-to-table meal.

Olive Harvest     (Mid-October  – End of November)

In the fall, olives are picked and taken to the local press, where oil is produced. It is a festive time in the Galilee, and Galileat will take you into the fields to pick olives with the locals and then go the olive press, where we see first-hand how the luscious olives that have just been taken from the trees give up their delicious oil.

Special Events

In addition to cooking workshops, culinary tours and home hospitality, Galileat can arrange special events, either in the home of one of our hosts, or in magical, hidden locations that only a local would know. We can organize picnics, bar\bat mitzvah events, olive picking, lectures about the Galilee’s different ethnic groups and more.

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