What is Galileat

Galileat is unique in the tourism industry in Israel. We offer true grass roots cultural experiences, based around food, working closely with a wide variety of host families in the Galilee region of Northern Israel. We believe that in order to properly experience the Galilee, to encounter the authentic, day to day life of Israel’s green North, it has to be done with and by locals. Our programs go far beyond just a good meal. We are about co-operation and co-existence, empowerment of local women and respect and equality to all people living in the region. The economic benefits to the largely rural population is of vital importance.

 Our programs include cooking workshops, home hospitality and meals in local Galilean villages, cross-cultural immersion, full day culinary tours and more.  Galileat adventures show an in-depth view of a different, off the beaten track Israel.

If it’s about food and the people of the Galilee, we know about it and want to share it with you.

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