What’s Up in The Galilee

We are proud to cooperate with a wide range of tourism enterprises that highlight the diversity and vibrancy of life in the Galilee.

Musical Afternoon Tea "Scones, Songs & Stories" with Rebecca S. Firestone

A  wonderful  Galilee experience with a private musical duo performance. Favourite song covers in English and Hebrew, sprinkled with heartwarming stories
of a young child’s Aliya to Israel in the 70’s from the UK. Join  Rebecca on a  delightful & delicious journey  in her beautiful  Galilean home surroundings, during which there will be refreshments of tea & scones with jam and butter.

Rebecca: 054-7709323


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Wine Tours with Ronny Ochayon

A unique experience, delving into Israeli wine culture!

“Winetrail Israel” offers wine lovers a comprehensive wine-lover’s experience; Regional walks around local vineyards so we can better understand the importance of terrior ,coupled with in depth visits to selected wineries, up-close meeting with the winemakers themselves and the exciting stories of Israel’s wine culture.

Ronny: 052-5524178



A Visit to the International Dance Village & Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

In the beautiful landscape of the Western Galilee in northern Israel, lies the International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, home to the world-renowned Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.

KCDC’s International Dance Village is home to over 100 dancers from Israel and from abroad and accommodates ongoing activities consisting of classes, rehearsals and performances. A visit offers a behind-the-scenes look where guests enter the world of a professional dancer and dance company, whilst learning of the company’s rich history.  Visitors learn of the story of KCDC’s founder Yehudit Arnon who survived the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp and vowed that if she’d persevere, she’d dance forever. Tours consist of a viewing of a performance, workshops and discussions with company dancers.

Ayelet: 052-4859834


https://www.kcdc.co.il/en/    English

https://www.kcdc.co.il/     עברית

Shula From Shtula

Shula lives in Shtula, a moshav on the Israeli-Lebanese border. The road leading up to Shtula is one of the prettiest in all the Western Galilee.
Shula Giladi, nicknamed the Kurdish Mama, loves to entertain groups of people and feed them her tasty cooking. Shula serves delicacies at her house and green garden, the most famous of which is the okra kubbeh. Also served are meatballs, yafrech (stuffed onions and grape leaves), potato latkes, chicken, cooked and fresh salads and a side of special rice, beans and home-made pickles.

Shula: 052-8366818


Hasi Faiber Studio - Textile Art Studio

Patchwork, EcoPrint and Tie-dye Fabrics, embroidery and original one-of-a-kind gifts. We welcome visits and organize on site activities on.  You can join a quilting, embroidery or fabric dyeing workshop or order one just for you and your friends.

Hasi 054-4770015




Western Galilee Now Tourist Association

Western Galilee Now is a registered non-profit grassroots organization (NGO) promoting awareness and appreciation for the region’s boutique wines, beers, food and produce, along with its cultural diversity, its historic traditions and the area’s scenic routes nestled between the mountains and the Mediterranean sea.

Michal : 050-2920800



Lotem Winery

Lotem Winery is a boutique organic winery which combines traditional wine making, modern technologies, energetic processes and spiritual content.
The fusion of these varying worlds results in unique wines of the highest quality.
We conduct tours, serve meals on the stunning balcony overlooking the Sea of Galilee and arrange public and private special events.

Gefen: 052-6775574



JNF Akko Tourist Information Center

In March 2016, JNF-USA officially opened a tourist information center in the Old City of Akko. The main goal of the Center – which is run by the Western Galilee Now association in cooperation with local tour operators – is to serve as a gateway to the entire Western Galilee for over 2 million tourists arriving in Akko every year.

Tzippi: 04-6015566

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